101st Airborne Division

The Reborn 101stA Clan








Welcome all to the website and home of the reborn 101st Airborne Clan! On this website you will find our rules, members list, information on different Companies

and whose in them and even news on up-and-coming scrims or training sessions.


We've got a server in COD: UO 1.41 called {101stA}ClanServer,
and a TeamSpeak 3 chatline.
To get the IP of our TeamSpeak 3 chatline, contact one of our officers or NCO's.




         Dont forget to visit our guestbook and write a message! Enjoy your stay! 


101stA Recruitment

Interested in joining the 101stA - Screaming Eagles?

We are a fun clan based around team work and tactics. If you wish to join, simply talk to one of our officers or Senior NCO's, and we shell see about getting you an interview with one of our higher officers!

Currahee - We Stand Alone Together

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